The “developed” world rallies to save the planet. Well, it’s taken them a while, hasn’t it?

Climate change has the leaders of *”developed” countries in a panic in a way that starving children never did

(I’ve been away for a while! Illness. But some things just make me angry. This is one of them)

It is absolutely wonderful to see all, well, most of the world’s most “developed”* countries gathering in Glasgow to sort out the planet’s problems.

Great to see those who have the most demonstrating concern for everyone, not just their wealthy peers and countrymen and women.

It is especially wonderful because for hundreds of years, all the developed countries in the world cared about, when it came to Africa, South America and most of Asia, was exploiting the indigenous people, robbing their natural resources and indeed, enslaving their people.

Did they care about the hundreds of tribes displaced or, in some cases, massacred in the rush to chop down rain forests to make way for cattle or grain production? No. Not one damn did they give until science pointed out that allowing the widespread removal of the world’s forests threatened the comfortable way of life in the “developed” world.

Since those countries shook off the yoke of colonisation, many have suffered at the hands of dictators more brutal even, than the colonists they replaced.

Famine, death by starvation and disease and local wars were ignored – other than “developed” countries fighting each other for the contracts to arm the various factions fighting these wars. They still do in Yemen.

So now, after a century of ignoring the plight of the majority of the world’s population, there is all this widespread concern about the future.

Do the leaders of the world’s richest countries give a damn about those in the world’s poorest?

No is the answer. They don’t. They just know now that if they don’t in some way look after those countries, our comfortable way of life is over and over soon.

I suppose we should be grateful that most – the Russians and Chinese don’t seem to give a particular shit – of the world is now concerned about the planet or rather, the part of it where they live comfortably.

If a side benefit is improving the lot of the world’s poorest, well good.

*(Developed. Well, it’s what we call it, isn’t it? But if it really was developed, we would always have cared for the poorest.)

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