Is it just me? Or are there more birds flying around our gardens than there used to be?

A Sparrowhawk, this one pictured in the UK. But we’ve had one visiting recently

I know our planet is in trouble and I know we all have to do our bit.

But there are hopeful signs. Small, tiny, minute little signs. But hopeful nonetheless.

Like many others we’re making our garden as friendly to animal and insect life as we can.*
*(This is a lie. Connie is making our garden as friendly to animal and insect life as she can. I just sit and watch.)

Now, maybe it’s because I wasn’t watching in the past.

But this year I seem to be seeing more and different birds that I ever did before.

Sure, there are Seagulls and Pigeons and Magpies and a lovely pair of really friendly Robins.

But we’re also getting a few Thrush and some Finches and Blue Tits and Chaffinch and Blackbirds and Jackdaws.

We’ve even had a Sparrowhawk. At least, that’s what it looked like.

As for insects, well, we have the usual pests – black ants.

And of course, spiders and flies and bluebottles.

Thing is, they all have a purpose of some sort or other. Don’t they?

Anyway, the lavender and *other flowers are attracting loads of bees, worms are thriving (and the Robins and thriving on them!) And there are all sorts of creatures flying around the garden and, hopefully, pollinating.

*(When I say “other flowers” I’m recognse daffodils, tulips, roses and forget-me-nots – otherwise I’m lost.)

Now that the sun is, temporarily, shining, it is a great joy to sit and watch the birds visit our little garden. Great to hear them in the mornings. Great to see them swooping around the area.

We have a lot to do to save our planet for the future generations.

But maybe the first tiny steps will encourage us.

(And that’s not a reference to the tiny steps the bloody ants take.)

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