Covid: Yes, there is one thing worse than politicians failing to get the message across…

If you got the vaccine, great. Now shut up about it.

It’s difficult not to spend the day thinking about Covid one way or another.

In my case, it’s wondering how pretty healthy people in their 50s are being called for vaccination when I, with Stage 4 COPD, Immunocompromised and officially designated as “terminally ill,” still wait. 

I hope to God they haven’t decided to simply write off the wrecks like me as “not worth vaccinating.” Nothing would surprise me.

There are other things about Covid that get me thinking.

Like the 5k limit which was fine in an urban setting but worse than useless in rural areas.

It’s the same with the county boundary business. 

Drogheda to Flurrybridge at the border – 50k.

Youghal to Allihies – 360k. I mean, what’s fair about that?

Then there’s sport. Thirty on a rugby field is ok because they’re “elite”, 22 on a soccer pitch, grand because they’re elite.

But two on a tennis court or a golf course is deadly…

And I don’t get that meeting another family in a park is ok but it’s not ok in the back garden. Eh, why?

We’re, rightly, spending gazillions on vaccinations. But apparently if you get yours in any one of a long list of other countries, it’s no good. You have to quarantine in a hotel for a fortnight if you arrive in Dublin.

Another thing. I’m reading on a weekly if not daily basis about the vast sums being spent by politicians on public relations and hiring experts to ensure they get their message across. 

The results are right up there with electronic voting, Metrolink and the introduction of water charges.

But do you know what gets me most?

I’m getting a pain in the neck with the Vaccine Gloating that’s going on. Please. If you’re lucky enough to have had your jab, do shut up about it. 

There are tens of thousands of us anxiously waiting for a call. 

And really listening to the gloaters doesn’t make it any easier.

1 thought on “Covid: Yes, there is one thing worse than politicians failing to get the message across…

  1. eanna brophy

    Hi Paddy,
    I seriously think you should make enquiries from someone about the delay in your vaccine. I’ve heard of at least two people who have been given their first dose but whose condition is nothing as serious as yours.


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