Christmas could be difficult for some. But let’s take the expert advice and be safe if not happy

Empty, But unfortunately that might be the best way for Dublin Airport to be right now

It’s beginning to look a lot like some people who should know better are going to come home for Christmas.

I know. It’s not as catchy as the Christmas song.

And it’s not a happy thought is it?

I see more and more people talking about defying the advice being given by NPHET, Dr Holohan and others, to stay away this year.

It’s tough. Of course it is. It’s tough on those who have been urged not to travel and it’s tough on those here who were really looking forward to welcoming them home. 

I know several people, including my own brother, who are broken hearted because they can’t make the trip.

More accurately, the won’t make the trip.

Yes, I agree that Leo was a bit insensitive in the way he appeared to blithely tell people not to book flights home.

But remember that politicians never, and I mean never, want to do the unpopular thing.

There isn’t a politician alive who wouldn’t abolish income tax given half a chance. Well, some of the lefties would increase it for the rich. But, never having tasted success themselves they’re not great fans of it.

Anyway, if a politician says or does something unpopular, it’s because he or she has to, not because he or she wants to.

And so suggesting that our Christmas is diminished by not having family or friends home from abroad is not something they want to do. 

But it has to be done.

There are a few who will be able to make the trip home within the rules and heeding the advice. Very few.

And they will get a great welcome.

So we’ve to be careful not to judge. 

That’s something I’m aware of as one who can’t wear a mask due to COPD. I am conscious of the occasional disapproving stare I get when I go near a shop with my visor. 

Judge not, etc.

But while I disliked Leo blithely telling people not to book their tickets, I am equally upset at the blasé attitude of those who say they’re coming and to hell with the restrictions.

It’s not worth the risk. 

You know, the best present our friends and relatives living abroad could give those they love at home, is to stay where they are.

This thing isn’t easy for anybody.Emigrants

1 thought on “Christmas could be difficult for some. But let’s take the expert advice and be safe if not happy

  1. Pat Garvey

    We all are experiencing the same thing with regard to the holidays. We will survive it and hopefully, next year the holidays will be even better for it. Stay safe and healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

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