Did they actually walk on the moon. I think so, yes. In a very Carlsberg kind of a way…

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!….The Americans did go to the moon, didn’t they?

It took a while.

But I eventually came to believe that men did go to the moon.

I think what convinced me in the end was the idea that, for the whole thing to be a lie and a conspiracy, something like 200,000 people would have had to be part of it.

And there’s no way that number of people could be conned.

Well, ok there is. I mean 71,000,000 Americans have been conned by Donald Trump and his organisation.

But at least we know there were men on the moon because they brought back moon rocks.

And we know they’re moon rocks because, eh, they told us they were.

Look, leaving that aside, apparently if you look through a telescope you can see the wreckage of the landing craft. There you are. Proof.

Well, proof that landing craft landed on the moon. Not yer actual proof than anyone got out of it for a stroll.

But look at the view of earth from the moon. You can’t fake that!

You’ve seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie. Ok. You CAN fake that kind of shot.

If you think they did fake it, never mention it to Buzz Aldrin one of the first, eh, men on the moon. One denier, Bart Sibrel – in in fairness is a bit of a looper – did. And he got a box in the snot for his trouble.

Buzz Aldrin confronts moon landing denier Bart Sibrel

But look, would an American president get involved in such fakery?

Eh…every single moon landing occurred during the presidency of one man. Richard “Tricky Dicky” Nixon. None before. None after. Indeed, it’s just short of 50 years since the last “manned” mission to the moon.

And they’ve never gone back. Not the Americans, not the Russians, not the Chinese. Nobody. For almost half a century. 

Everything else in the world has advanced at speed.

But not trips to the moon.

Ah, you say, but look how far they’ve come with the space station. Far? It’s closer to earth than Dingle is to Dublin.

Now I’m not saying the Americans, or indeed the Russians or the Chinese would fake this kind of thing.

Oh no wait. I am.

But I still think, just barely, that they did go to the moon in 1969.

But in a Carlsberg kind of way.


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