The sad truth about the U.S.

You have to wonder who dresses them in the mornings.

How in God’s name could a developed country, especially one which promotes itself as the greatest country on earth, make such an absolute Hames of the election as the Americans have done?

And it gets worse by the minute.

Watching CNN – again – I hear just now that 6,000 votes in Pennsylvania can’t be counted today because they’re “too creased to go through the machine.”

Some people voted two weeks ago. Military votes can arrive until Monday next.

God help us if you suggested a plot like this for a movie about some fictional country run by a lunatic, you’d be told to go away.

Bonkers. This guy even makes ***** ******* look good. (Our libel laws prevent me from naming names!)U

And do you know what’s most scary? These people have more guns and bombs and nuclear weapons than any other country in the world!

Have you seen some of them being interviewed on television? They must get help putting their shoes and socks on. There is no possibility of them being able to get such complicated clothing on without assistance.

The traditional piss up in a brewery is a non-starter for these people.

I reckon they need classes in how to flush the toilet.

It’s shocking.

But it finally explains how they elected a narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, greed, lying, serial cheat, draft dodger and tax cheat to be their president.

I’d say politicians around the world are delighted. 

Every day of this chaos in the US makes them look better and better in their own countries or, at least, it makes them look less bad.

God bless America?

No. God help America.

1 thought on “The sad truth about the U.S.

  1. Pat Garvey

    God help us is about right.


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