A poem about Adam and why he was no saint, (It’s a poem what I wrote, Yeats or Kavanagh it ain’t)

Adam and Eve. Of course, they’re fantasy – but that doesn’t make Adam right!


I’m probably right in assuming,

The most people never believed,

There was ever a Garden of Eden 

Or a couple called Adam and Eve.

It’s not really credible is it

In fact, it just doesn’t compute

That the guy lost his paradise garden

Just because he ate one piece of fruit.

Fair enough he was told that he couldn’t

He was told eating apples was banned

But the guy just gave into temptation

Sure the apple was growing on his land.

So the Adam and Eve stuff is nonsense

It’s a story, that’s all, nothing more

It’s a fairy tale, fiction, a fable,

And best if it’s simply ignored.

Only, well, have a look at our planet

It’s currently not in great nick

Our climate is pretty well ruined

And millions of people are sick.

If you think about what our earth looked like

Before human beings arrived

It had blue skies and crystal clear oceans

And nature and animals thrived.

All we had to do was be careful.

Look after our beautiful earth

But sadly, our greed was too powerful

And we treated our planet like dirt

Now, we just watch the clock ticking

Pandemics, melting ice at the poles

Hurricanes, sea levels rising

We wonder if we’ve lost control.

We had such a beautiful planet

We just had to mind it that’s all

But mankind just gave in to temptation

And greed. Now we head for a fall.

Why didn’t God warn us I wonder

That’s the thing that I really can’t fathom

Or maybe we just didn’t listen

And we’re all just as stupid as Adam

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