Good morning and welcome to another edition of I Didn’t Interrupt You

Radio. I love it. But sometimes it just annoys me…

I’m a fan of radio.

I probably always was – more than half a century  on I still remember The Kennedys of Castleross and Frankie Byrne and the Walton’s programme on RTE radio.

And I remember sitting on my mother’s knee for Listen with Mother on BBC when I came home from national school.

I know too that when I’m in hospital my radio is indispensable. Indeed, given a choice I’d keep my radio and dump the telly!

But while I think we’re really lucky with the standard of broadcasting in Ireland, despite people constantly whingeing about paying 48 cent a day for all the services RTE provides.

But like any good medium, there are some things about radio that bug me.

I feel qualified to talk about radio in these terms, by the way, having been the host of 

the sadly missed* Murray and Mackey Show which used to be on Radio Ireland/Today FM. 

What do you mean you never heard of Murray and Mackey?

Really. Some people…

That’s like a soccer fan saying they never heard of Ian Henderson.

I said Ian Henderson!!!

For God’s sake everyone knows Ian Henderson.

He’s Rochdale FC’s top scorer EVER.

*(Well, I miss it anyway.)

I think if we’re not careful we will someday soon, have the following programmes on some station or other.

They will be called: 

1) Lots of Interesting Things In The Newspapers.

2)  11.00 I Didn’t Interrupt You.

3)  A Whole Lot of People Talking at the Same Time.

4) We’ve a Text From Mick in Dundrum.

And of course the highlight of the day: 

5) I’m Joined in Studio By

In fairness, I’m Joined in Studio By could be a lot of fun. Because there’ll be a kind of Guess the Guest Bingo.

If you can name all the guests on the show you win a big prize like, maybe, a new radio.

Can I start my guess with Eoin O Broin? Or Mary Lou? Rich Boy Barrett and Michael McGrath?Radio

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