Get ready. You have 144,000 minutes and then it’s here – ho, ho, ho!

That was the story at 12.50 today!

The news hasn’t been great recently has it?

Today, we’re told about the plan for the next six to nine months when it comes to Covid-19.

And it’s looking grim.

OK, we’ve had a few sunny days, but the weather has been pretty dreadful hasn’t it?

And I’m sorry to have to bring some news to you today that I’m sure you didn’t want to hear.

You’d better sit down.


It’s 100 days to Christmas.

Yes indeed, in a little more than 2,400 hours from now, we’ll be jingling the bells and decking the halls.

We’ll be listening to Bing and Bowie and watching It’s A Wonderful Life – again.

This year, we’ll be Zooming our friends and relatives who we might otherwise be with on Christmas Day.

And we’ll be assuring those to who we give presents that, yes, we did wash our hands before wrapping them.

In just 99 days, mammies and daddies will be leaving out that slice of cake and class of milk – or whiskey – for Santa.

And beside them will be hand sanitiser so Santa can make sure his hands are clean when he leaves the presents under the tree.

The kids won’t have seen Santa in the shop because he’s been busy in the North Pole making sure the elves stay socially distant while they work.

100 days until a Christmas like we’ve never had before.

But do you know what?

I’m still looking forward to it. I’ve always looked forward to it. 
I’ve looked forward to every Christmas in my life – bar one, and that was in 1978 because it came just four weeks after my father died.

But other than that I’ve tried to enjoy them because my family always had a thing about Christmas.

So get ready. You have 144,000 minutes!
Ho, ho, ho.

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