The EU problem explained so that even an English Tory can understand it.


An Irishman, an Englishman and a German are in a bar.
The Englishman says he’s leaving.
The other two say goodbye.
They turn around an hour later and he’s still there.
“How much will you give me to leave?” he asks.
They laugh and turn back to the bar.
Two hours later – they’re sturdy boys – they hear a noise and turn around.
It’s the Englishman.
“We thought you were going?” they say.
“You have to help me to the door,” he says.
They laugh again.
“I’m not going until you say goodbye properly,” the Englishman says.
The Irishman and the German look at each other.
And with one voice they say: “Just go will you?”
But the Englishman doesn’t budge.
The end

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