I am not a fan of invented words like “staycation.” It’s probably because I’m a grumpold.

We holidayed in Ireland this year. Ardmore in County Waterford. It’s a favourite of mine.

It wasn’t a “staycation.” I don’t do “staycations” and I don’t do “webinars”

I am not a fan of that kind of word, the ones which are made by merging two existing words. And yes, I do know older words like brunch and smog and motel and sitcom fall into that category. These are compound words and portmanteau words and might even include daylight or blackbird. And I have to admit they confuse me a little bit when it comes to my dislike of webinars and labradoodles.

I’m a bit of a stick in the mud or, as some might call me, at mudstik or a stickud.

So I never use words like infotainment, chillax, labradoodle, bromance or mockumentary. I never referred to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as Brangelina. I don’t even like the word Brexit.
There are 171,476 words, meanings and phrases listed as being in common use in the Oxford English dictionary. And the Collins dictionary has 722,000 words. That’s quite enough.
Both include new words like those above which I think is stupdiculous.

There is bound to be confusion too.
For example.
Is Manicure something that will get rid of that dreadful man flu?
Is Boycott where your new little baby sleeps? (If it’s male!)
What does Transparent mean?
See through?
Or a mammy and daddy who have become daddy and mammy?

Ah well.
I supposed I’m an oldie.

Oldie. Do you think the “die” part of that word is deliberate?

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