A Van and a Corr – looks like the wheels have come off.

I can see it now.

A massive gig in Croker.

They’ll sell 90,0000 tickets so the crowd will be crammed in.

There’ll be no pseudo science suggesting that Covid is real. Everyone attending will firmly believe it’s all a big conspiracy.

Like 9/11.

And anyone wearing a mask will be denied admission.

Jedward – head and shoulders above Van Morrison

Van will be the headline act. Support will come from Jim Corr. A Van and a Corr. (A Corr is what posh people in Killiney and Foxrock drive!) If only try could get Lorry Mullen to subscribe to their daft and dangerous theories.

Mind you, turns out that the Jedward lads aren’t stupid or airheads or eejits of any kind.

Bright and brave. That’s what they’ve been this week standing up to a legend like Van. (When I say “legend” bear in mind that millions of Americans think Donald Trump is a “living legend. It’s not always a compliment.)

Well one way or the other, if Van and Corr do have a gig, I won’t be there.

I’ll have no truck with those clowns.

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