I’ll say it once more. Sure, our guys aren’t perfect but I still think we’re very, very lucky.

It’s hard to believe he still has any supporters.

It gets more frightening every day.

No. Not Covid-19 – though that it terrifying.

I’m talking the United States and its infantile, narcissistic, spoiled, dishonest, corrupt, incompetent, oafish, bullying, stupid president Donald Trump.

When you put Covid-19 and Trump together, it is truly alarming.

Do you remember when he told us last April that the virus would disappear when the weather got warmer?

Do you remember when he said that even partially shutting the economy down would result in more deaths by suicide than from the virus?

Do you remember him saying, in June, that the virus would “just fade away?”

Do you remember him saying that 99 per cent of Covid-19 infections were harmless?

Do you remember him saying that the US had the lowest death rate in the world?

Do you remember him saying that the US tested more than any other country in the world?

Do you remember him saying that the only reason the number of cases in the US was going up was because they were testing too much?

Do you remember him suggesting the injecting bleach would kill the virus and cure Covid-19?

Do you remember him saying that hydroxychloroquine would cure Covid-19 and had no side effects?

Do you remember when he said the ‘flu was worse than Covid-19?

Extraordinarily, millions of Americans still back this guy.

He’s the guy who said “grab ’em by the pussy.”

He’s the guy who mocked a disabled reporter.

He’s the guy who didn’t pay his bills and has been bankrupt several times.

He walked out of a press conference on Saturday when challenged about one of his lies.




He has told his supporters that if he doesn’t win in November it will be because the election is rigged. They believe him.

They have guns. Millions of guns.

I look east and despair when I see Boris Johson and Erdogan in Turkey, Victor Orbán in Hungary, I look sourth to see Bolsonaro in Brazil, Maduro in Venezuela and…

I’m stopping.

It’s too depressing.

And do you know what?

Sometimes I think the attention seeking “lefties” we have could try to be constructive occasionally instead of looking for very often spurious reasons to attack whatever government we have.

They’re not perfect. Not even close.

But God Almighty we are very, very lucky to have escaped the loonies who seem to rule most of our tiny little planet.



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