The tragedy of this pandemic is, that stupidity is contagious as well…

Noah’s ark. There are parallels between the Covid deniers and Noah’s tale…

Covid-19. Isn’t it an extraordinary thing that, no matter how many new cases we’re told about every evening, no matter how many surges we hear about around the world, like Leicester, Manchester and Aberdeen – and that’s just next door. It’s worse in Spain and of course the United States.


This might explain it.


It’s a few years ago. Well, thousands actually.

And this chap confronts another man.

“You’re an eejit, do you know that?” he says.

The other man doesn’t respond.

“Do you know that everyone is laughing at you, ya big thick?” he says.

The other man doesn’t respond.

“Would you lookit? Elephants and kangaroos and dogs and rats and snakes…what kind of complete dunce are you?” he says.

Still, the other man doesn’t respond.

So the guy throwing out the insults gets fed up. And he starts to walk away.

But he can’t resist having one more pop.

“And I’ll tell you this, you’ll never get my unicorns onto that ark of yours ye numbskull. Floods? Sure it’s barely raining at all right now. Off you go with your ark full of animals and when you get back, you can have a ride on one of my unicorns.”

And he walks away laughing.

And Noah looks skyward where the clouds have turned black.

And he thinks, God help that poor fool.

But, he thinks, “at least we’re lucky that stupidity isn’t contagious.”

It is.

Because the man with the unicorns is today’s fool who thinks being told to wear a mask and wash his hands and stay socially distant is an infringement of his human rights.

But while the man with the unicorns only wrote his own death notice, the mask refuseniks are threatening us all.

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