If you can’t catch the weather forecast, here’s one you’ll enjoy every day no matter what! See

Please note that according to the BBC we don’t get any weather at all.

The weather has been a bit of a disappointment.

I’d say most of us are glued to the forecast every evening hoping for some good news.

And, in fairness, the Met Eireann lads and lassies do a great job.

But, of course, it’s not always possible to watch or listen.

So here’s a forecast you can read anytime. And you can be sure it will never be wrong.

(WARNING: Do not watch the weather forecast on BBC. They have been telling us for years that there is no weather at all of any kind in Ireland. Mind you, they used to tell us we weren’t any good at cricket!)




Well the weather has been fairly unsettled for the last few days with a mix of cloud and sun around the country.

Tomorrow will be largely dry in most areas though there will be outbreaks of rain in places. We can also expect the odd thunderstorm and there may be occasional hail showers locally.

Overall, temperatures will be little below normal other than where they manage to creep up during the afternoon to near normal or above.

There will be sunny spells in the west which may extend eastwards during the day.

But the day will be mainly cloudy except in the south and parts of the east and occasionally in the north and west.

This evening will see mainly clear skies though cloud may move in from the west overnight, causing mist and rain.

Looking forward the weather will continue to be unsettled with periods of sunshine, rain, hail, mist, heavy snow, earthquakes, volcanoes and meteor strikes.

Good evening.

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