DCC backs down as Rathgar parking spaces are liberated! But let’s make sure Bus Connects doesn’t destroy the village now.

Blocked parking
Blocked parking bays. They have been opened again

It took a week. But I finally got a response from whichever department it is in Dublin City Council that’s in charge of blocking parking bays without consultation.

You will remember that, a couple of weeks ago, a few Council workmen arrived and blocked off two parking bays in Rathgar village in south Dublin.

The reason given was to make social distancing easier on the footpaths beside those parking bays to which I, and it has to be said, just about everyone else said: “Yeh. Right.”

Voices were raised in opposition to the move and to the surprise of just about everyone (and of course without consultation because that’s the way DCC does things) the parking bays have been reopened.

And better still, one space in one of the parking bays has been assigned for disabled drivers meaning there are now two spaces in Rathgar for disabled drivers which is two more than there are in Harold’s Cross.

What does DCC have to say? Well a Council spokesman said “no further interventions are currently being considered in relation to these parking spaces at this location.” Which I presume means “we’ve done a u-turn because what we did in the first place was wrong but we’re not going to admit it.”

Councillor Mary Freehill played her part. She has insisted that urban villages form a vital part of our city. They are not, as the banners all over Rathfarnham, Terenure, Harold’s Cross, Kimmage, Rathgar, Rathmines, Glasnevin and Shankill say, corridors. They are places where people live and work and shop.

Anyway, it’s one small victory.

Next? Let’s stop Bus Connects destroying all the above urban villages.

Note, I didn’t say stop Bus Connects. I just said let’s stop it destroying our suburbs.

Where’s that underground railway first promised in…

…would you like to guess when it was first promised?
I’ll tell you.

  1. My God, the Beatles were still together!!!

 PS. There’s a small piece on page 14 of today’s Herald about the reopening of the parking bay.


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