The Irish Times recently listed the “top 50 Irish albums of all time.” Here are 50 bands/artists who didn’t make the list!



Last weekend, the Irish Times published, in The Ticket, a list of what it said were the best 50 Irish albums of all time.

I suppose I should start at the end by telling you that the best Irish album of all time is Girl Band – The Talkies. Yes. I know. Good album but…

Anyway, I read their list and sat down to think of a few names that weren’t on it.

Like these… (In no particular order.)

  1. Stiff Little Fingers
  2. The Blades
  3. Horslips
  4. Light a Big Fire
  5. The Lookalikes
  6. Moving Hearts
  7. Hothouse Flowers
  8. Skid Row
  9. Stepaside
  10. Rhythm Kings
  11. Picturehouse
  12. Mick Flannery
  13. An Emotional Fish
  14. Aslan
  15. Christy Hennessy
  16. Fat Lady Sings
  17. In Tua Nua
  18. JJ72
  19. Bagatelle
  20. Le Galaxie
  21. Something Happens
  22. The Four of Us
  23. The Coronas
  24. Niall Connolly
  25. Liam Geddes
  26. David Keenan
  27. The Stunning
  28. Tir na nÓg
  29. Bell XI
  30. Eleanor McEvoy
  31. Lisa Hannigan
  32. Julie Feeney
  33. Microdisney
  34. Declan O’Rourke
  35. The Strypes
  36. Fionn Regan
  37. Mundy
  38. John Spillane
  39. Pugwash
  40. The Blizzards
  41. Wallis Bird
  42. Aoife Nessa Francis
  43. Auto da Fe
  44. Jimmy McCarthy
  45. Taste
  46. Inhaler
  47. Gary Moore
  48. O Emperor
  49. Áine Cahill
  50. Boomtown Rats
David Keenan. Brilliant album – but didn’t make the list

1 thought on “The Irish Times recently listed the “top 50 Irish albums of all time.” Here are 50 bands/artists who didn’t make the list!

  1. gerryfloyd

    One should realise that these bands are liked by the common herd. ONE does include Slender Eliza to earn ‘Street Cred’ and in line with the diversity agenda their vocalist is of mixed race and was married to the daughter of that lovely gentleman Leslie Chowder. Even though one is aware that Robert Gelding went to a good school his accent is rather common and vulgar.


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