We’re at risk from Covid-19 – but it’s all the more serious because of the epidemic of stupidity which is gripping the world

This is s scene from Italy at the start of the pandemic. But no doubt some will say it’s fake

We have elected some eejits in this country over the years.

Thankfully, though, our Taoisigh have been sensible men – even if it’s a pity they’ve all been men.

But I do lie awake some nights, wondering just how it is that Donald Trump and Boris Johnson and Jair Bolsonaro managed to get themselves elected by the people of the United States, Britain and Brazil.

(I could give you a list of another 100 countries ruled by dangerous eejits, but I’ll just ask you to take my word for it.)

Not only are these men dangerous narcissists, they’re thick. I mean, really, really stupid.

But then I look at the news and I see and hear “ordinary” people in the States, Britain and Brazil being interviewed and I think, stupidity is alive and well and thriving in those countries.

Unfortunately, stupidity has also taken hold of many people in Ireland.

It’s an epidemic.

Brazil. Hundreds of coffins being buried. But don’t worry, your local eejit will tell you it’s fake

I know I shouldn’t but I look at the things they’re saying on social media.

“There is no virus.”

“The whole thing is fake.”

“It’s a government plot.”

“It’s a worldwide government plot.”

“Hardly anyone has died.”

“We should take to the streets.”

“The government is closing pubs because it’s corrupt.”

I actually think that Stupid-2020 is almost as harmful as Covid-19. The combination of the two certainly is deadly.

Do we really want to end up like Brazil and the United States?

Do people not realise what happened to the countries and states that opened up too soon?

The answer of course is, no, they don’t realise what happened in Germany and Portugal and what’s still happening in Sweden and Belgium and India.

And the truth is, we have no idea what is happening in Africa – other than in South Africa where they are preparing for a situation in which more than a million to die.

“Expert” Niall Boylan gives his view. And by the way Niall it’s “affect” not “effect.”

Almost 150,000 have died in the United States and Trump still talks about himself and only himself. Almost 50,000 dead in Britain and Boris Johnson goes to the House of Commons to crack jokes about Kier Starmer’s underwear.

I’m gumming for a pint of Guinness – despite my own health difficulties.

But I’ll obey the rules not just for myself, but for others.

And if I’m perfectly selfish about this these eejits who urge people to break the lockdown rules. I’M at risk. People like me are at risk – there are 110,000 people in Ireland with COPD. People with asthma are at risk. People with Cystic Fibrosis are at risk. Anyone over 70 is at risk.

In fact, looking at recent figures, EVERYONE is at risk.

And those who survive are left with serious lung and heart conditions.

And yet the stupid out there – including high profile thicks on radio –  still think it’s more important for pubs to open than for people to be kept safe?

And while science is trying hard to find a cure for Covid-19, sadly, there’s none for stupidity.

2 thoughts on “We’re at risk from Covid-19 – but it’s all the more serious because of the epidemic of stupidity which is gripping the world

  1. Patricia Garvey

    Paddy, I wish I had known you when you were writing for the newspapers. You are brave my friend, and truthful and you make me wish I was in Ireland at the moment just so I could spend time talking to you.

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  2. gerryfloyd

    Somewhat disappointed the pubs won’t be opening, even though I am a teetotaler. Gave it up 40 years ago. I was a bottle of stout man. The GAA Club I frequent has a more mature clientele. Mary and Benny used to drink there. Think I saw you there years ago for SuperCobs birthday. Was looking to seeing, socialising. I t is not to be and a lot of the blame lies with the younger immature selfish crowd who flocked to the Temple Bar type places. We have had our own gobshites here. Guards eventually pulled down the shutters. Hope they are fined, large.
    Anyhow I am going to break 2 rules on Saturday night. My daughter have a bottle of some malt? whisky the brought from Canada. Though its not Canadian. Local pub offered a 100 Euro for the bottle. So Muggins here is going to make ice cubes and have a wee drink. I never drank at home, even when single. This Covid is turning me into a wild man.
    My fear is when the Summer is over and flu season arrives we will see a big increase in the figures. Virus may be lying dormant in the young, for now.

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