Those vanishing parking spaces. There is, apparently, going to be a ‘review.’ But there’s no promise of consultation.

Harold’s Cross. Not one single parking bay for the disabled


You may have seen my blog yesterday in relation to the blocking of parking spaces around the city – I specifically referenced Rathgar and Rathmines where spaces outside shops, cafes and takeaways have been blocked by the council.

It was done, they said, to widen footpaths because of Covid-19.

I asked three other questions too.

And I have attached here, their answers.

But let me spell out what’s happening.

The Council admits that the blocking of spaces was done without consultation. That means they didn’t ask the locals, didn’t ask the businesses and didn’t ask those who might be most affected, the disabled and elderly.

They said the situation would be reviewed. But as you can see from their reply, they did not say there would be consultation. Heaven forbid they might ask the people who pay them, the people whose lives and/or livelihoods are affected, what their opinions are.


The question and answer about the blocked off spaces

And they also told me how many parking spaces have been reserved around our locality for the disabled.

Rathmines, six spaces, Rathgar, two spaces, Terenure, one space, Harold’s Cross, none. Not one. And there’s no public car park there either.

I asked an expert this question: How many people live in Rathgar, Rathmines, Terenure and Harold’s Cross? He said it was probably somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000 depending on where you believed the borders of each to be.

But let’s say it’s only 50,000.

The answer to my question about parking for the disabled,


And there are nine parking spaces for the disabled and now spaces which used to be used by one and all but which were useful to those who needed to park near shops and cafes – the disabled – have been taken away.

This isn’t just about the disabled, though with severe breathing difficulties I now find it impossible to stop at that spot in Rathgar where I used to so that I could pick up something from Butler’s Pantry or wine from the Vintry or O’Briens.

Things are tough enough for local business. I can think of so many that have closed in recent years in those four suburban villages. The empty shops tell their own story.

You would think the City Council would be trying its best to encourage and support local business. But it doesn’t seem that way.

Do you remember electing Owen Keegan?

Because I sure as hell don’t.
I would love, though, the opportunity to vote him out.

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Oh. And I do blog about other things too!

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