Would you like to know how much TDs claimed in expenses in the past three months? So would I!


ON the first day of every month, generally speaking, the details are published of expenses and allowances paid to TDs and Senators for a couple of months earlier.
For example, on April 1 last, details were published of payments made to TDs and Senators in February.
Then on May 1, we got details for March and on June 1, details for April…
…only we didn’t.
There has not been a word about expenses and allowances paid to TDs since April 1, appropriately enough, April Fools Day. And we know who the fools are.
This is because, I’m told, the vast majority of Oireachtas staff have been working at home due to Covid 19.
A query as to whether or not claims were lodged and payments made has yet to be answered.
So what kind of money are we talking about?
Let’s look at February, it being the last month for which we have figures.
I’ll just pick a few names from my very biased hat.
Rich Boy Barrett, who got his car fixed at public expense some time ago, claimed and got €1,855.46 tax free.
Dessie Ellis, former terrorist convict, got the same.
The lovely Michael Lowry got €3,183.99.
Mary Lou put €1,855.46 in her purse, same as Brid Smith.
Peadar Toibin managed to get €2,855.60.
Thomas Pringle did well with €3,269.33.
The Healy Rae’s both got €3,397.67
Even Leo, paid not much short of €200,000 got another €1,011.49.
Micheál got €3,269.33 and our other government leader, Eamon Ryan pocketed €1,855.46
That’s all paid for from funds provided by us, taxpayers’ money.
I don’t know yet what they all claimed for March April and May.
But I’ll let you know if I ever find out.
That’s if I can still afford to pay for my broadband and ‘phone.
Because unlike them, I can’t get the taxpayer to do it for me.


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