You might think it’s good news. My laptop is in hospital…

IMG_0781You might have noticed that I haven’t posted a blog for a couple of days.

My laptop is in hospital.

The other day, all of a sudden, the keyboard stopped working.

Of course, I looked it up – only to discover that MacBooks of various kinds manufactured a between, I think, 2017 and 2019, have this problem.

The company introduced a new keyboard which is absolutely fantastic when it works.

And utterly useless when it doesn’t.

So the computer is in hospital being treated for its ailment. It’s going to take four or five days.

And while I’m lucky to have an iPad (with a broken screen) so that I can do bits and bobs (this is a bit rather than a bob) it really isn’t comfortable for writing anything at length.

So you have another couple of days off before I start waffling on again.

Unfortunately, being off the air, I couldn’t influence the selection of the new cabinet.

But just wait until I’m back…

I’d say Micheal is shaking in his boots.

Or shoes or slipppers or maybe even his bare feet.

But I intend to have my say.

So watch t

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