This pandemic means there’s going to be a lot of lads walking around with bad backs


There is a new health crisis looming in this country.

We’re all aware of the problems Covid-19 has caused.

Bt the knock on effects on waiting lists is going to be enormous.

And I’m not talking about tourism or pubs or restaurants or sport.

You see, there has been lots of commentary in newspapers, online and on radio and television about the problems facing those with cancer or, like myself, with respiratory problems.

But no mention of the poor individuals, and they all seem to be men, suffering from chronic back pain.

Why are they such a special case?
Well, you may have noticed that the vast bulk of massage parlours have been closed for weeks.

And, of course, the reason there are so many massage parlours around is because Irish men are prone to back pain.

I had back problems myself and my physio tried massage – in fairness now, it wasn’t in a nice parlour, it was just in a clinic. But it didn’t work and I had to have surgery.

At least, I’m assuming back pain is why there are massage parlours all over the place these days. I can’t think of any other reason why it is such a burgeoning industry.
I’ve seen men going in and out of one not that far from me and, well, they DO walk awkwardly, as if they’re in pain. Or something.

In fairness, a few massage parlours I have passed by as I drive around appear to be open.

I’m not sure how they can massage someone while maintaining social distancing.

But we’re talking highly qualified medical practitioners aren’t we?

I mean, why else would men be going into massage parlours?

I’m not being naïve here, am I?

1 thought on “This pandemic means there’s going to be a lot of lads walking around with bad backs

  1. gerryfloyd

    In Turkey de missus an me went for a Turkish Bath. Soaped up then washed down with dem big gloves. H e must have been hurting her cause she was moaning a lot. Waiting for taxi, bloke gets up off massage table, starkers, 6ft tall plus another foot. Wife still in pain as she started to moan again.
    True story.


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