Summer in Dublin. I thought this soggy song was worth another run today…

flood Summer in Dublin. Please take me away from it

(I woke up this morning and saw the weather. It’s June for God’s sake. Almost July. And it’s cold and wet. So I thought I’d give this another run.)

SUMMER IN DUBLIN (with apologies to Bagatelle)


Take me away from this city 

And lead me to where I can be in the sun

I waited for summer, it never arrived 

And now to be honest I’m done

I’ll always remember it freezing 

And I’ll still remember the rain

But I’ve had enough so I’m leaving 

I’m spending the rest of the summer in Spain.


I’ll remember this summer in Dublin,

And the Liffey rising to a swell

And the young people wading down Grafton Street

And splashing in puddles as well

I was singing a song I heard somewhere, 

Bob Dylan’s Hard Rain’s Going to Fall

When my hummin’ was smothered by the hail on the ground

I thought what am I doin’ here at all?

So I jumped on a bus to the airport

And I didn’t stop once on the way

When I got there I went to the Ryanair desk

I was that desperate to get away

So I’m leaving for good in the morning

And I’m going to a place where I can eat

At a bar on a beach with a beer in my hand

And some sandals and socks on my feet

And if sometimes I tire of the sunshine

Though I seriously doubt that I will

I’ll just hop on a plane with umbrella in hand

Cos I know ‘twill be raining here still

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