At least there’s a discussion about The O’Rahilly’s home – still not a word about Kevin Street Garda Station

UNDER THREAT: the Herbert Park home of The O’Rahilly

I am sure there are valid reasons for preserving the home of The O’Rahilly in Dublin’s Herbert Park.

He was, after all, the only one of the 1916 leaders to die in combat.

There’s quite a discussion going on about it right now.

And it allows me to, once again, ask why there is no discussion whatever about the 1,000 year old remains of St Sepulchre’s Palace at Kevin Street.

The OPW clearly doesn’t give a damn or certainly gives that impression.

Dublin City Council has turned a blind eye to a hideous metal gate erected to stop ordinary Dubliners looking in to the site of what was Kevin Street Garda station.


Kevin Street Garda Station. Parts are 1,000 years old but nobody gives a damn

And questions to the Minister for Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht about the matter have gone unanswered.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful when I jokingly suggest that those of us who want the Kevin Street site properly excavated and then preserved, should claim that some 1916 leader stopped there to go to the jacks on the way to the GPO.

Such a claim might at least have spurned a discussion.

But no. Some Garda unit is occupying the site and that, apparently, is that.

Lessons learned from Wood Quay? None.


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