Feeling comfortable? Here are just twenty of the madmen leading their countries and making the rest of us nervous.

Loonies: Boris, Putin, Bolsonaro, Maduro, Trump, Kim and Duterte

(These aren’t in any particular order. It would be a monumental task to try and decide which one is worse than the other. You mightn’t like all of the people who’ve led this country. But thank God, so far, we’ve avoided utter lunatics.)

  1. Donald Trump in the USA, There are 106,000 dead from Coronavirus, the economy in tatters, 22 million are unemployed and there are race riots throughout the country.
  2. Boris Johnson in Britain. Lost control of Coronavirus, defends his lying advisor and continues to do so. Continues to distance himself from truth.
  3. Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. Bulldozes the rainforest and presides over a Coronavirus disaster describing it, Trump style (they admire each other) as nothing but the ‘flu.
  4. Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines. Wages war on drug dealers resulting in 7,000 being shot dead by police in six months. Many were innocent and had nothing to do with drugs at all. Now he suggests a shoot to kill policy for carriers of Coronavirus.
  5. Nicolás Maduro. Successor to Hugo Chavez who has brought that country to the brink of ruin with inflation in the thousand percentages and millions fleeing across the border in search of, among other things, food.
  6. Kim Jong Un in North Korea who executes relatives with missiles and who presides over a country where millions are starving.
  7. Vladimir Putin. President of the USA?
  8. Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus a classic dictator who jails opponents.
  9. Pierre Nkuruniza. Burundi may be dirt poor but he’s organised a £350,000 pay off when he retires to a luxury villa provided for him.
  10. Idriss Deby in Chad. Another African leader who lives in luxury while he people suffer.
  11. Xi Jinping in China. Does anyone believe a single word that comes out of China about Coronavirus? This is the country which has set up concentration camps to “re-educate” millions of people.
  12. Isaias Afwerki the leader of Eritrea and another who lives in luxury as his people starve.
  13. Abdullah Aziz al Saud in Saud Saudi Arabia a country not noted for a good human rights record.
  14. Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey has put the economy ahead of human life in the current pandemic. His mistreatment of people and his corruption are legend.
  15. Bashar Al-Assad in Syria who like his father before him, is waging war on his own people.
  16. Paul Kagame in Rwanda. Amnesty and other international organisations accuse him, like so many of his African counterparts, of corruption and mistreatment of opponents.
  17. Miguel Diaz-Canel in Cuba where they boast about their health service but not so much about silencing opposition by censoring the press and jailing opponents of the regime.
  18. Narendra Modi in India where a vicious campaign against Muslims has been encouraged by the state.
  19. Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar. Once a hero, now a pariah for her support of the military in its treatment of the Rohingya minority,
  20. Emmerson Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe who is proving to be no better than his evil predecessor.


And the really scary thing is, there are about 80 more just like them…

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