In fairness to Trump, he has achieved things no other President could have achieved

What a man. He’s actually made Kim Jong Un look good!

I think it’s only fair that Donald Trump be given credit for all his achievements since his election.

Here are just ten for which he can take full responsibility.


  1. He has lied more often, not only than any other president in history, but more than all of them put together.
  2. He has, when it suited him, cosied up to some of the most repressive regimes in the world – China, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine and others.
  3. He has separated babies from their parents on the Mexican border.
  4. He has deprived millions of Americans of healthcare.
  5. He has nodded approvingly at white supremacists or supremests as he calls them.
  6. He has fired dozens of aides who had the temerity to criticise him.
  7. He has let the coronavirus spread.
  8. He has mocked the disabled.
  9. He has boasted about abusing women.
  10. But his biggest achievement of all, is that he has made Kim Jong Un seem like a reasonable, decent, honourable human being.

And that took some doing.

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