The long and the shorts of it is this: I welcome bad weather because it rids us of shorts.

Boris in shorts. Dressing like that  should be illegal. 

I’m keeping this short. Or rather, shorts.

The weather is about to break.

And while I love the good weather and the heat and the sunshine, there is a lot to be said for lousy weather.

Well, maybe not a lot.

But there’s this.

Leo Shorts
Leo. In fairness, he looks better in shorts than some,

When the sun goes in and it rains and the temperature drops, it will stop some, but not all, men from going around in shorts.

Unsuitable shorts.

Too short shorts.

Ridiculous shorts.

I don’t know what you think about Leo.

You might think he does a good job or you might think he does a lousy job.

But compared with Boris, when it comes to wearing shorts, he’s streets ahead.

Corbyn shorts
Corbyn. Are there no mirrors in his house?


And he’s streets ahead of the former British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn too.

Trump doesn’t wear shorts. And I think this picture which demonstrates the vastness of his posterior, tells you why.


Trump. His rear end would require yards of fabric to cover it in shorts

Tomorrow we will see most men put the shorts away.

But not all.

Some will still be out there in the cold and the rain in their inappropriate sorts, socks and sandals or socks and Crocs.

Remember them.

There’s a high chance they’ll knock on your door sometime in the coming years looking for a vote.

Just say no.

1 thought on “The long and the shorts of it is this: I welcome bad weather because it rids us of shorts.

  1. Yep, just give ’em short shrift.

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