Chain gangs, the stocks or a ship to take them to Van Diemen’s Land…

The litter in St Anne’s Park – Ken Curran’s picture

What is it about the kind of people who do what they did in St Anne’s Park, Donors Avenue in Drogheda and the Terenure Rugby Club grounds in Terenure in recent days?

(Ken Curran took the St Anne’s photograph, Pat Flanagan the one of Donors Avenue in Drogheda and Keith Cairns took the one in Lakelands, Terenure.)


The Drogheda litter photographed by Pat Flanagan

The same happened in Lakelands in Terenure. You can see the litter all over the place on Sundrive Road.

I seriously think we could introduce the stocks for these gobshites.

Of chain gangs.

Or the cat o’ nine tails.


The kind of people who do that don’t deserve the benefits of civilisation.

I’d lay odds they’re the same gobshites who don’t obey social distancing and who, essentially, care about nobody other than themselves.

If they don’t care about health and they don’t care about the environment they obviously just don’t care.

Oh, for those ships that took gobshites like that off to Van Diemen’s Land….

The mess in Lakelands, Terenure. Keith Cairns’ picture


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