What would have happened if people got “fed up” with the loss of freedom and privilege they suffered during World War II?

EVACUATION: It happened in Britain during World War II and it was tough

Can’t you see it now?
It’s May 1943 and the war is just maybe beginning to turn and the Allies are winning some significant victories.

Still, in the Pacific War, the Japanese bomb Darwin and massacre 25,000 Chinese civilians in the Changjiao massacre.

Life is tough in Europe. There is harsh rationing. There are strict rules covering just about every aspect of life.

Homes are not visibly lit even though the Blitz was two years previously. The damage suffered then is still causing hardship. Children from London are still in the countryside where they have been sent for safety.

And then it begins.

“We’ve had enough of this. For God’s sake, give us back our freedom,” says some journalist in some newspaper or other.

“We want to turn on our lights at night,” says an MP who only scraped in at the last election.

“Why can’t we go to the shops?” asks some commentator on the radio.

And so a kind of campaign begins.
Lots of people are fed up with the war and the hardship it has brought to the country. And they are demanding an end to it all.

What happens?
Well, eventually, after the campaign has grown and grown the government gives in.

And the war ends in 1943.

Things didn’t turn out exactly as the “we want our freedom’ crowd hoped or anticipated.

So I decided to ask the current leaders of Britain about it.

I sent them these questions:

War es das richtige?

Hat sich GroBritannie ergeben?

I’m waiting for Berlin to get back to me.

You know, sometimes what’s comfortable isn’t always what’s right.



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