The best television programmes ever. I tried to do a top twenty. So here’s the top 120!

HILL STREET BLUES, Michael Warren, Veronica Hamel, Daniel J. Travanti, Michael Conrad, Bruce Weitz,
Hill Street Blues. It was just magnificent

The plan was to list my top 30 television programmes ever.

It didn’t go to plan. It couldn’t go to plan.

I’m 66. I’ve an awful lot of television. I think I was eight when the first big black and white job arrived into our home.

RTE only. But sure, that was great. We had Jackpot and the Late Late and Charles Mitchell reading the news and Daithí Lacha and Buntús Cainte and Michael Dillon giving us the cattle prices on Mart and Market. Sure what else would you want?

So I started putting down the names of programmes I remembered. Then I scratched out the ones I didn’t really like.

And I was left with these. 120 of them.

First thirty or so are in order. After that, it’s random.

I mean, I have three soaps – Corrie, Fair City and Red Rock down the bottom. They should all be higher for different reasons – longevity, a real local feeling and just great plots in that order.

So. Bearing in mind I’ve never seen Breaking Bad or Mad Men or Better Call Saul or Game of Thrones and I have Normal People recorded but haven’t seen it yet, what have I left out?


The West Wing. You kind of wished it was real. What would it be like with President Trump?
  1. Hill Street Blues
  2. The West Wing
  3. Fawlty Towers
  4. Father Ted
  5. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  6. Yes Minister
  7. Sopranos
  8. Parkinson
  9. Love Hate
  10. The Late Late Show
  11. Life on Earth
  12. Greatest American Hero
  13. Old Grey Whistle Test
  14. The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
  15. The World at War
  16. I’m Alan Partridge
  17. The Monkees
  18. Life on Mars
  19. Only Fools and Horses
  20. M*A*S*H*
  21. Cheers
  22. The Office
  23. Roots
  24. Colombo
  25. Rásaí na Gaillimhe.
  26. Blackadder
  27. Apres Match
  28. Paths to Freedom
  29. Young Offenders
  30. Tommy Cooper
  31. Strumpet City
  32. The Riordans
  33. The Forsyth Saga
  34. Morecambe and Wise
  35. The Two Ronnies
  36. Magic Roundabout
  37. Porridge
  38. Top of the Pops
  39. One Foot in the Grave
  40. Spitting Image
  41. Friends
  42. Sex and the City
  43. The Twilight Zone
  44. Simpsons
  45. Podge and Rodge
  46. Raw
  47. Reeling in the years
  48. CU Burn
  49. Scannal
  50. MT Usa
  51. Get Smart
  52. The Rowan and Martin Laugh In
  53. Radharc
  54. Seven Days
  55. The Tommy Tiernan Show
  56. Nationwide
  57. Up for the Match
  58. The Sunday Game
  59. Hands
  60. The School Around the Corner
  61. Trom agus Éadrom
  62. The Fugitive
  63. Ironside
  64. Mister Ed
  65. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
  66. This is Your Life
  67. Opportunity Knocks
  68. Bilko
  69. Das Boot
  70. ‘Allo ‘Allo
  71. Bread
  72. The Royle Family
  73. Butterflies
  74. Dad’s Army
  75. Hancock’s Half Hour
  76. Last of the Summer Wine
  77. Grumpy Old Men
  78. Men Behaving Badly
  79. Phoenix Nights
  80. Steptoe and Son
  81. The Likely Lads
  82. The Good Life
  83. The Young Ones
  84. Till Death Us Do Part
  85. All in the Family
  86. The Bob Newhart Show
  87. Letterman
  88. Police Squad!
  89. Frasier
  90. Taxi
  91. I Love Lucy
  92. The Jack Benny Show
  93. Lou Grant
  94. Bonanza
  95. Virginian
  96. The Flintstones
  97. The Munsters
  98. Mission Impossible
  99. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  100. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  101. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
  102. Green Acres
  103. Hawaii Five-O
  104. Gunsmoke
  105. The Avengers
  106. F Troop Dragnet
  107. The Huckleberry Hound Show
  108. The Saint
  109. Top Cat
  110. Have Gun – Will Travel
  111. Car 54, Where Are You?
  112. Sesame Street
  113. Mr Magoo
  114. The Donna Reed Show
  115. The Ed Sullivan Show
  116. That Was The Week That Was
  117. Coronation Street
  118. Fair City
  119. Red Rock
  120. Wanderly Wagon






5 thoughts on “The best television programmes ever. I tried to do a top twenty. So here’s the top 120!

  1. eanna brophy

    I tried to post a long comment on the blog, but I was told I couldn’t!
    Anyway watch Mad Men … I can remember when characters like them ran Dublin’s big advertising agencies. But make sure to watch from the start, because the back story influences and explains much of what unfolds …


  2. Pat

    You have quite a memory Paddy!


  3. gerryfloyd

    Watching the L.R. when I was 6. There was a problem with the gas cooker. Kettle boiling in the fire hob. Remember those metal thingy yokes you could put on the fires, not cranes. Fell back while helping the LR catch the black hats. Boiling water over arm, just missed my baby sister. Hospital for a month.


  4. Patrick

    Well. Kudos for Bilko!!
    Two missing. The Honeymooners and my personal favorite ‘The Wire’. If you haven’t seen The Wire and you obviously haven’t because it’s not on your list, you are in for a gigantic treat.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. When you see it, you will have to move a programme from your top 30 to make room for Normal People.


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