These Covid-19 restrictions don’t apply to everyone: the stupid are exempt.

Social distancing or, in this case anti-social not distancing

Some people, we are told, are getting restless with the restrictions imposed on us all because of Covid-19.

There was I hoping that the stupidity around this virus was confined to the United States.

But no. We have it too.

You can see it every day – the people who think the rules don’t apply to them.

So who are they?
I’m glad you asked.

Because I know who they are.

They are the people who speed past you on the motorway at 150kph and think you’re an eejit for obeying the speed limit.

They are the people who drive past long lines of traffic by using the bus lanes and thinking they’re really clever for doing so.

They are the people who park on bicycle lanes, on double yellow lines and on footpaths because they’re in a hurry.

They are the people who park in the spaces reserved for the disabled because they’ll “only be a minute.”

They are the people who go through red traffic lights. They are the people who push their way to the top of queues, who take forever to pack their groceries and who aren’t even slightly embarrassed when they vanish for five minutes because they “forgot to get the rashers.”

They are the people who, when they have a cut on their finger, go to A&E and demand to be seen before the woman who has had a stroke.

They are also the people who oppose every tax there ever has been, who object to paying their television licence, who think there should be a protest march about something, anything, maybe even the lack of protest marches these days.

It is also likely that they are the people who need help tying their shoelaces, whose lives revolve around Love Island, Pulling with my Parents, Gogglebox and similar “reality” television programmes.

I don’t like the restrictions. I don’t like not being able to go to the pub for a pint though it is six months or more since I’ve done so due to my own health issues.

I don’t like not being able to visit family. I don’t like not being able to book a week in the west for the family during the summer.

But I like being alive.

And just so as not to be miserable…

We’re not the only species that worries about epidemics.

Did you hear about the two cows in a field?

The first cow asked the second one: “Are you worried about Mad Cow Disease?”
The second cow answered: “Why should I worry? I’m a helicopter.”

There are an awful lot of helicopters out there….


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