Why doesn’t RTE have the REAL experts on, eh? It’s a conspiracy, that’s why.

Seán O’Rourke: he needs to get Sharon or Anto on

(Just in case you didn’t see this on Twitter or on Facebook)

It’s ridiculous.

RTE has the same people on over and over. Leo Varadkar. Simon Harris. Tony Holohan. Sam McConkey. Luke O’Neill et al.

Well, it’s about time they looked elsewhere.

There ARE other experts out there.

For example:

Anto from Coolock who KNOWS the whole thing is a government plot to keep us in order.

Marjorie from Foxrock who says she’ll go to the High Court if she’s not allowed go to her four bedroomed Connemara holiday home, with pool and tennis court, this summer.

Jimmy who claims there is nothing in the new social welfare payments to compensate people in his job who are out of work. Jimmy is a drug dealer and freelance bouncer.

Why aren’t they on our radios and on our screens eh?

It’s a conspiracy, that’s why.

So Sharon said.

And she’d know.

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