I’m told the sound you can hear is Robert Frost spinning in his grave…

Robert Frost – do you think he’d be pleased?

(There are four verses in Robert Frost’s original. Only right I have four too…)


Which pub I liked I think you know
The virus ruled it out and so
I cannot sup at pints of stout 
You can order on the web you know
I think of rules I’d like to flout 
I’m dreaming of when I am out
Going to a bar will be a must
And of that there is no doubt
The world is right when it admires us
As we do what the law requires us
We’re waiting for some better news
 Right now it’s all about the virus
I’ve a wine rack here which I peruse
I wouldn’t last without some booze
And a stairs to climb before I snooze
And a stairs to climb before I snooze

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