There is still something magic about listening to music on vinyl

Revolver: It sounds even better – to me – on vinyl

I didn’t keep much vinyl, maybe sixty albums including the few I’ve added in recent years.

I didn’t actually have a record player for years.

But Connie bought me one – we’re still looking for a permanent home for it.

We took it out the other day and…

…do you know what?

I really don’t care about how perfect the sound is with modern technology, there’s something about vinyl that makes it special.

I actually think today’s generation is spoiled.

You go to a gig now and, apart from eejits drowning out the act by shouting every song into your ear, the technology makes it all sound just like the album recording.

The Beatles again – and yes, that’s The Stones “Aftermath” too

God be with the days when you’d go to a gig and there’d be bum notes, missed beats, crap harmonies here and there – LIVE music.

Now it seems if it doesn’t sound like the studio, it’s no good.

Anyway, I went through the albums I have and of the sixty-something in my collection more than forty are either Beatles or solo albums by Beatles.

That includes three versions of Sgt Pepper – including a picture disc.

Sadly, I could only find the cover of Rubber Soul so I’ll have to replace that.

So what to do for the rest of the lockdown?

Haven’t I sixty-something albums to listen to?

Sgt Peppee Picture Disc – you don’t see many of them

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