No live sport – so let’s remember some of the great sporting occasions

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We’re missing sport.
The Six Nations, European Champions Cup, Premiership, Tour de France, Wimbledon all gone. And worries over the All Ireland championships.
So we’re looking back to those great sporting days: Stuttgart in ‘88. Italia ‘90. Stephen Roche’s triumph cycle into Paris in 1987. The Dubs’ Five in a Row.
We have great memories. And here are just a few images of the great days.


Sorry? The fat guy in the red top!
Sad, iconic moment when a guy called Paddy Murray saw his rugby career ending with a sending off in the 1993 Golden Oldies tournament in Dublin.
Playing for CYM Terenure against an Australian side Murray pointed out to the (Australian!) referee that there was a perceived slight bias noticeable in his officiating, though they might not be the exact words he used. He was shown a red card – proving his point which he may also have mentioned as he left the field.
Murray has often thought that he should have quit rugby, and effectively did, at the peak of his career.
Yes indeed, that was some Under 10s rugby team in Willow Park in 1964.


2 thoughts on “No live sport – so let’s remember some of the great sporting occasions

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    Very clean looking

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    1. paddytm

      They, er, couldn’t catch me


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