Something every Beatles nerd, I mean fan, should know.

If you like the Beatles you should really know who these two ladies are.

I’M a bit of a Beatles nut.

I have many Beatles Nut friends. Brendan. Mick. Pete. Maurice.

Not quite the Fab Four. More, at this stage of their lives, the Feeble Four.

But I am always astonished at how few Beatles fans know those two ladies above.

Now, I love all things Beatles.

I am chuffed that they released their greatest album, Revolver, on my birthday August 5, 1966. It would have been better if they’d released it FOR my birthday.

When I was in New York in ’94 for the World Cup, I went up to the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park, the area installed to commemorate John who was shot dead across the road at Dakota Buildings.

When I say I went up there, I went up there every day.

And one of my proudest achievements in my life is convincing Dublin City Council to erect a plaque on the old Adelphi building on Middle Abbey Street to commemorate the two Beatles’ gigs there on one evening in November 1963.

The plaque, with former Lord Mayor Nial Ring and the late Gay Byrne who unveiled it


And I revelled in the tribute to John Lennon in the Mulranny Park hotel. He stayed there when he came over to look at the island he had bought in Clew Bay, Dorinish.

The shrine to John in the Mulranny Park Hotel where he stayed with Yoko


Back to the girls.

They are Lizzie Bravo and Gayleen Pease.

They were outside the Abbey Road Studios in London on February 4 1968.

There was always a gang of fans, mainly girls, outside the studios hoping for a glimpse.

Any idea yet?

Well, Paul came out. He asked the crowd if there was any among them who could hold a high note.

Lizzie put her hand up. She had been in the school choir back in Brazil.

Paul brought her and Gayleen inside.

And for two hours, they sang into the same microphones as Paul and John, doing backing vocals for Across the Universe.

Now, I’m being called a nerd for knowing that sort of thing.

And I probably am.

But there are worse things to be.

I mean, imagine being a Buck’s Fizz nerd!!!

1 thought on “Something every Beatles nerd, I mean fan, should know.

  1. gerryfloyd

    I like Bucks Fizz though I prefer Black Velvet.


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