A little rhyme about the sky

Last night’s moon was spectacular.

It reminded me of a little verse I wrote a while ago,

It’s not for everyone – those not of a religious bent mightn’t like it.

But sure, it’s harmless!


I only stepped out for a minute.

But I couldn’t help having a glance,

At the sky and everything in it

And wondering if it’s by chance,

That the night sky always amazes

That it changes in front of our eyes,

That it’s different with each of our gazes,

That it never fails to surprise,

How each night there seems to be even,

More and more stars above me,

And they prove to me God is in heaven,

And show me just how much loves me,

Because of the way He’s displaying,

The heavens, the sky, the space,

I hope God does not mind me saying,

I love what you’ve done with the place.


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