We’re being threatened by gangs of idiots in Benidorm – and Downing Street.

A beer swilling Brit in Benidorm.

There is footage doing the rounds showing a gang of English yobs on their holidays, dismissing the Corona virus.

Here’s a quote from one of them:

“It’s just a ‘flu that we all need to get over. Have a beer, happy days, ciao guys.”

There is stupidity in almost every word.

But I think the one that sums up this oaf is his “ciao guys.”

Though is IQ is likely as not in single figures, he thinks chucking in “ciao” is clever.

Might be in Florence or Venice.

Not so much in Benidorm where the footage in question was shot. Sadly, it was only the footage that was shot.

I spent a long time travelling with the Irish soccer fans. On a few occasions, we were playing England and so the fans met and mingled.

Generally, it was fine. Most English fans are fine.

Most Irish fans are fine too.

But it would be wrong to thing we don’t have our fair share of eejits. We do,

But there’s a big difference.

In my experience, if an Irish fan starts to act the eejit, his friends will tell him to cop on, sit down, shut up or get a grip.

That doesn’t always happen with English fans.

Because with Irish fans, you might get one, or maybe two idiots in a gang of six or seven travelling together.

With the English, you tend to get gangs of six, seven or more travelling together. And they’re all idiots.

And that’s the scary thing about England and this virus.

We’re taking it seriously and have done from the start.

And whatever about the Scots and Welsh and Northern Irish, Britain has failed miserably to tackle it head on.

Last night, there were queues at restaurants in London. What the hell McDonalds is doing still open, is beyond me,

Why the Stereophonics played a gig in Wales for thousands and few nights ago is a mystery. Are there no brains working in that band at all?

We have the Irish Sea between us.

And another Brit idiot, only this one’s in Downing Street


But the fact that our nearest neighbour is still faffing about not knowing what to do and appearing to care less, is frightening. I’m frightened for them and I’m frightened about the knock on effect it might have on us.

Gangs of idiots all travelling together.

There are the gangs like the tattooed oafs in Benidorm.

Then there are gangs like the one sitting in Downing Street.

They’re  both risking the lives of thousands of people.

And don’t seem to give a damn.


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