I finally decided to get a tattoo. And I think the theme I chose is absolutely perfect.

Andrew Porter. The Irish prop has tattoos,

I am not a fan of tattoos. Not even little ones.

I think tattoos are a little bit like finding a shirt you like and using superglue to stick it to your body.

Nice shirt. But maybe, every now and then, you might like to wear something different.

Get a big tattoo on your neck or your hands, and people can see it there forever.

Even the “hidden” ones – all over a torso or leg or arm – well, the point is for people to see them.

So when they go out of fashion, you’re stuck.

The shirt goes out of fashion, you bin it.

Tattoos are forever.

So I’m not a fan and even though Irish prop Andrew Porter has one (I was a prop one time in my life) I was never into them.

Until now.

I decided to get one.


I think the likeness is remarkable…

But what theme?

I thought I’d go for a movie.

No. Not Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m a bit old for that.

Not 1917, it’s a bit grim.

Not Parasite. Ditto.

Emma didn’t seem appropriate for a 66-year-old man.

Dark Waters is about lawyers and, well, most people don’t like lawyers. Until they need them.

So I checked the movie charts.

And there is was. At Number One.

The top box office movie, right now.

The Invisible Man.

So I got the tattoo.

What do you think?

Perfect likeness if you ask me…

2 thoughts on “I finally decided to get a tattoo. And I think the theme I chose is absolutely perfect.

  1. PRussell

    Get any tattoo you want just make sure it somewhere the judge can’t see it.


  2. Brendan Martin

    Excellent but can you see it in the dark.


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