We’re old and sick and, sure, if we all shuffled off this mortal coil, it would free up hospital beds, wouldn’t it?

Matt, great with the feet but might have headed the ball once too often

I am continuously astonished by the a) stupidity b) lack of decency and c) uncontrollable gobs of some people.

Yes, we have seen some ridiculous panicking around the Covid-19 outbreak.

Some Americans, it seems, won’t touch Corona Beer (neither will I but that’s because it tastes like p**s.)

In London, the numbers visiting Chinatown are, apparently, down by half.

A woman from Singapore was beaten up in England and told to go home and “take your virus with you.”

Incurable stupidity.

But then you hear from people who should know better.

You might remember Matt le Tissier. He was a footballer. He was a good footballer. And he used to come across as reasonably intelligent. By that I mean, I think if he was up against Wayne Rooney and David Beckham in a quiz, he would have won.

And yet, Tweeting about the current health crisis, he said that “it’s only the elderly an people with existing conditions that are at risk.” “Only.”

He’s been pretty much savaged on Twitter. And rightly so.

Bed blocker
Please keep this woman away from me if I end up in hospital again


And then there’s Professor June Andrews who thinks Covid-19 will be “quite useful” in killing off “bed-blockers” in hospitals in the UK.

Sure why don’t we just get all the people who are old and sick, like me, and cart them off to a football stadium every month and hang a few, behead a few, shoot a few.

You’d pack Croke Park or Wembley!

Sure you could charge in and I bet Matt and June could MC the event and you could put the profit into the health service.

It would reduce the numbers looking for treatment and pay for the younger people who need it.

The only losers would be those old, sick people and like, they’re just expensive drains on the taxpayer, aren’t they?

Do you know what?

I really wish some people would let their brains warm up before starting up their vocal chords.

1 thought on “We’re old and sick and, sure, if we all shuffled off this mortal coil, it would free up hospital beds, wouldn’t it?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Having just finished a voluntary self isolation for 14 days after returning from HK to protect my 90 year old mother in law, so tired of everyone banging on about how there’s nothing to worry about and how ‘most of us will be OK anyway’. Keep writing, Keep Safe.


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