“Look” was bad. “Yeh” wasn’t great. “Hey” is annoying. But I’ve really had it with people who answer questions with “So.”


Paddy, what REALLY annoys you about the world these days?”


There are many things.

But that’s the most annoying thing at present?

“Er, what is?”

So. That. SO.

“I’m not sure what you mean?”

So. Are you beginning to get the picture?

“Oh. Yes. It’s so, isn’t it? It’s the word.”



It really grates. It seems that this particular virus has infected almost everyone who is asked a question on radio or television do they have to begin their answer with “so.”


It is worse than “Hey.”

Hey or Look. It’s what sports people feel obliged to say these days when they’re asked a question.

“That was a great win?”

Hey, we played well and…”

“Look. We stuck to the plan…”


“You must be disappointed?”
“Hey. We’ll take the positives.”

“Yeh” is up there with “Hey” – although it seems that “Yeh, No” is no longer in fashion,

Absolutely” is still used instead of a simple “Yes.”

“Were you happy with the result? Will you be making improvements? Will you will the election? Do you watch EastEnders?”


I am sure there is technology which would immediately switch off the microphone of anyone who begins an answer with “so.”

I suppose I always have the off switch.

I could end by saying “I’ll leave it there so.”

But I think I’d rather use the word properly.


What do you think/


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