Coronavirus: Better an over-reaction than no reaction at all

Ireland Italy – I was looking forward to it. But it’s a small price to pay for safety

How am I?

Not great. But thanks for asking!

I get infections easily. That’s down to a compromised immune system.

It’s landed me in James’s as an in-patient 18 times in eight years as far as I can reckon.

I tell you this because there seem to be a lot of people out there who are relatively glib about Coronavirus or, if you prefer, Covid 19.

There are many thousands of people in Ireland, millions around the world, who have weak immune systems.

In my case, on top of the damaged immune system, my lung capacity is greatly reduced so I can’t afford to have it reduced further by infection.

So even before this latest virus began to move west from Japan, I was instructed by my doctors to avoid crowds, to stay away from places where there might be human contact such as hand shaking, where I might have to touch things touched by others who had not used hand disinfectants or even soap and water. Door handles, glasses, mugs.

So I have been to my sports club bar once since September. I used to visit at least once a week.

On top of the damaged immune system, my lung capacity is greatly reduced so I can’t afford to have it reduced further by infection.

Truth is, the damned thing scares me half to…No. I’m not saying the word!

There are many like me.

So I completely get the idea of precautions which, to some, seem over the top,

Yes, of course I know there are people whose stupidity is hard to believe.

Why business in London’s Chinatown is down, is beyond me,

Why a Chinese woman was beaten up in England and told “Go home and take your virus with you” by her attackers is almost impossible to believe.

These are people who, I presume, won’t eat a curry as long as the threat of Coronavirus exists, Indeed, with the virus now spreading in Italy, they’re probably off fish and chips as well.

You’ll always get them.

Right now, I think we’re handling it responsibly – though I question why the IRFU had to find out about the proposal to call off the Italy match through the media. Apart altogether from it making more sense to discuss it with them before announcing the proposal, it was pure bad manners.

Anyway, here’s hoping we can stay at least relatively free of this damned thing.

I, for one, will be taking no chances.

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