Soon, the doctors will have to make appointments to see me. I’ve very busy with my illnesses…

St James’ Hospital. I almost live there.


I’ve almost forgotten about the leg – even though I’m back to have it dressed again on Friday.

Tomorrow it’s down to *St James’ Hospital again to see the dietician. I’ve been sent there by the gastroenterologist because I’m having difficulties with my stomach and all that follows (I won’t go into detail in case you’re eating but it’s got to do with the bile duct.)

This all happened because the throat specialist discovered some things when I had my last CT scan. Or was it the second last?

Not to worry. I’ve another one in a few weeks. That’s after I wear the heart monitor for 24 hours at the request of my cardiologist.

I ended up with him because my respiratory doctor thought, rightly, that my breathing difficulties exacerbated my cardiac difficulties.

Well, at least it’s another month before I have to see the dermatologist about the carcinomas here and there around my body.
They’re not worried about them. Even the haematologist I’m seeing in a few weeks thinks they’re non-life threatening.

See? No mention of the leg.

Mind you, I do have to have a laugh every now and then.

Like repeating the gag about the person who the doctor sat down to tell some bad news.

“Go on,” said the patient.

“I’m afraid you have Alzheimer’s,” said the doctor.

“Oh dear,” said the patient.

“It’s worse. You’ve also got cancer,” the doctor said.

The patient sat silently and took it all in.

And then he turned to the doctor and said: “Well, at least I don’t have Alzheimer’s.”

Don’t think I have either.

Even if I did forget about the leg…

*(It’s the same place as St James’s Hospital or even Jameziziz as I’ve heard it called.)











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