And now – the best 60 gigs I’ve ever been at. (At least the best of the ones I remember being at.)


That’s Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green – before they turned into Buck’s Fizz.

This list is just 60 of the best gigs I was ever at. It’s just over 50 years since the first one. And despite missing five through illness at the latter end of last year, I’m still buying tickets.

  1. Fleetwood Mac National Stadium October 1969
  2. Coldplay, Croke Park, July 2017 (also Marlay Park 2005.)
  3. Leonard Cohen Kilmainham, 2014.
  4. Bruce Springsteen (Slane RDS twice)
  5. Paul McCartney RDS Dublin 2010.
  6. Elbow Olympia 2017 Also Kilmainham
  7. U2 Slane 2001, RDS, Lansdowne Road, Croker.
  8. The Kinks National Stadium 1981 and RDS
  9. David Bowie Hammersmith Odeon 1973, Milton Keynes, Slane, Cat Club New York.
  10. Walking on Cars Olympia 2015.
  11. Joseph Arthur Whelans November 2016.
  12. Psychadelic Furs Academy Dublin 2017.
  13. Elton John (National Stadium with Ray Cooper 1979. Belfast Kings Hall RDS Dublin outdoors, 1984, Simmonscourt Dublin late 80s, Paris, late 80s).
  14. Inhaler, Whelan’s 2018
  15. Picturehouse The Village 2013.
  16. Neil Finn Olympia 2014.
  17. The Strypes Olympia 2016
  18. Mick Flannery Olympia 2015
  19. Glen Tilbrook, Midnight at the Olympia early 90s.
  20. Julie Feeney Tribute to Eugene Whelans 2014
  21. Gordon Lightfoot National Stadium 1974
  22. James Taylor National Stadium 1980s
  23. Rolling Stones Slane 1982, The Point
  24. Garrison Keillor recording A Prarie Home Companion in Dublin 2001
  25. Bob Dylan 1984 Slane
  26. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Academy Dublin 2017
  27. Flamin’ Amy and Sweet Potata in Dan Lynch’s Blues Bar Greenwich Village, 1994
  28. Teleman Whelans 2018
  29. Iggy Pop HQ on MTV Awards night held in Dublin 1999
  30. Wilco Iveagh Gardens 2016
  31. Horslips Blackrock Park, 1971 Newman Hall, A theatre in Wexford, National Stadium
  32. Manfred Mann RDS 1971
  33. Thin Lizzy Blackrock Park 1970, UCD Theatre L 1972
  34. Paul Young RDS 1984
  35. Scott Matthews Sugar Club 2014
  36. Chris Helme Sugar Club 2014
  37. Niall Connolly Whelans Uptairs 2017 and Olympia
  38. Curved Air Wexford 1972
  39. Liam Geddes Upstairs at Whelans 2019
  40. David Keenan Whelans 2019
  41. Pavarotti The Gaiety, early Sixties The Gaiety, The Point
  42. Ian Dury The Olympia 1980s
  43. Áine Cahill. Grand Social 2016
  44. Tom Jones RDS and Olympia 2015
  45. Neil Diamond Croke Park 1984
  46. The Chieftans National Concert Hall 1980s
  47. The Furey Brothers Johnny Ross Festival Holland. 1980s Wexford Inn
  48. Hank Wangford Bad Bobs Regulrly 8in the 90s
  49. Simple Minds Croke Park 1986
  50. Oasis Slane 1985
  51. The Beat Milton Keynes 1983
  52. The Strawbs Milton Keynes 1983
  53. East of Eden Wexford 1970
  54. Fairport Convention Wexford 1970
  55. The Verve Slane 1998
  56. Robbie Williams Slane 1998
  57. Restravant Academy Dublin 2017
  58. Divine Comedy Olympia 2018
  59. Pugwash Olympia 2018
  60. Graham Nash NCH 2018


(NOTE: Pavarotti squeezes in at 41!)

The five worst:

  1. Long John Baldry Wexford Inn. Pissed out of his head which caused a near riot.
  2. Sun Kil Moon National Concert Hall – self indulgent twaddle
  3. James Last Tralee – First two words explain it
  4. Gary Glitter National Stadium – even then I couldn’t look at the nauseating prick
  5. Dire Straits (they’re only last because 1 hour and 25 minutes into the gig, the bass player looked at his watch.)
  6. Long John Baldry Wexford Inn. Pissed out of his head and nearly caused a riot.



4 thoughts on “And now – the best 60 gigs I’ve ever been at. (At least the best of the ones I remember being at.)

  1. gerryfloyd

    NOT THAT MANY GIGS,I had to pay in. Odd you should say that about L.J.B. B4 my time he was booed of the stage in the Abbey Ballroom, Reg Dwithe? B4 he was gay and ELTON jOHN shifted ? a local woman.
    Horslips in the Gate Cinema, backstage and carried gear. One Man and a Dog, Fleadh Cheoil 2019, Cromwell in Parochial Centre,Drogheda. Hawkwind in N.S. Got high passing their dressing room. Clannad in Colaiste Mhuire, Parnell Sq. My first school dance, Thin Lizzy played. Booked just before Whiskey in the Jar was released. Planxy in Oscar Cinema, Ande Riu, 03. Had a chat with Gaybo during interval Clapton, mid 70s NS. DISCO IN BOYNE VALLEY HOTEL where I met my now wife.


    1. paddytm

      I paid in! Still have loads of the tickets!!


  2. Ah, the National Stadium! Remember the days when it was the only place that held gigs. Saw Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall and Yes there among others.


  3. Darren Hughes

    That Glenn Tilbrook gig was amazing. He picked Richard Balls from the audience to play guitar with him on stage – in a case of reverse carpe diem, Rich asked him to hold on while he nipped to the loo and emerged to find some other plucker in his place.

    Liked by 1 person

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