You don’t have to believe in the Bible to see that we are destroying our Garden of Eden


I don’t think there are very many people on earth who actually think there was an Adam and an Eve.

A few creationists in the US, Trump if it suits him and I’ve no doubt, Simon Harris if an opinion poll suggested it was a popular belief to hold.

But here’s a thing.

The story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden is being played out, right here, right now.

Look at that picture above.

Look closely.

In the middle of all that blue, there’s a little dot.

I could say, that’s me in relation to, say, Ireland.

But it’s not.

I might say it’s earth in relation to our solar system.

But it’s not.

It’s not even earth in our galaxy.

What that dot represents, is our galaxy in an area about a tenth of the size of the known universe.

In other words, we are utterly insignificant.


Once upon a time, a beautiful blue and green planet, full of animal and vegetable life with clear blue seas and skies and green trees and white mountain tops here and there.

And in the way the story goes in the Book of Genesis all we had to do was look after it.

Like Adam, there were certain things we couldn’t do.

And like Adam, we did them.
He ate the apple, we destroyed our beautiful planet through greed, ignorance and war.

A fool in the White House orders the death of a psychopath in the Middle East.

And so eight billion people wonder if there’s going to be a war.

Australia burns.
Rain forests are wiped out In Indonesia and elsewhere so we can have palm oil.

We continue to pollute our skies.

We’ve eaten the apple.

And we’ve ruined paradise…

Maybe, though, if enough of us demand it, we can, unlike Adam, get a second bite of the cherry!

And a future…

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