Ten questions about humans and humanity. I don’t have the answers – do you?

Did a caveman say: Lads, I’ve invented toilet paper
  1. When the first person applauded, why did they and what did everyone else think they were doing?
  2. Was a bar invented by a cavemen who invited friends around for some bear blood and then charged them for it?
  3. Who was the first human to put clothes on and did it go down well with the others who were still naked?
  4. Why did the first person who cooked meat, do so?
  5. Which came first, stairs or the upper floor, because if it was the upper floor there was no way of getting there and if it was the stairs, it wasn’t leading anywhere.
  6. When the first person brushed their teeth, why did they? And what did they use?
  7. Who discovered you could pick your nose and did everyone think it was disgusting even then?
  8. What was the reaction when the first person sang?
  9. I don’t really want an answer, but what did his friends think when whoever it was told them about his new invention: toilet paper?
  10. If we’re all descended from the same source, how do you explain Donald Trump and Boris Johnson?

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