Yet another gig missed. Damn this bad health…

Scouting for Girls. I should be at their Academy gig tonight

Bad health. I’m something of an expert on it as you probably know. (I’m also something of a bore about it but that’s another very, very long story.)

Music. It’s one of the things that keep me going. As I have mentioned before, music, positivity and relentless whinging.

So today is yet another bad one. I should be looking forward to going out tonight to see Scouting for Girls in the Academy. But poor health has ruled that out.

Like it ruled out going to Villagers in Vicar Street last Saturday. 

They aren’t alone.

Since this latest bout of illnesses -chest infection, shingles and advanced necrosis in my left shoulder in the extremely unlikely event of you wondering – I have missed Mick Pyro in Whelan’s, Two Door Cinema Club in the Olympia and Divine Comedy in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

I had tickets for them all and was able to give them away in at least some of the cases.

So. Depressed?

Well, I did get to a few gigs earlier in the year, so no,

Of course it gets me down but I was at least able to see my daughter head off to her first parentless (!) gig the other night. (An American band called AJR in the Academy.)

Hopefully, she is on the way to becoming hooked on music, and in particular, live music as I have been.

It’s 50 years since I first saw a real band live – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac in the Stadium. That was before the band turned into Buck’s Fizz.

It’s still just about the best gig ever though Coldplay in Croker and Leonard Cohen at Kilmainham were up there and I did enjoy Paul McCartney at the RDS. (Oh stop before you go through the whole list.)

Will I buy tickets again?

Of course I will!

I did say positivity was important.

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