Sometimes, we elect eejits because we’re not offered a choice – so where does Extinction Rebellion go when elections pop up?

Extinction Rebellion – where do they go when elections pop up?

Do you remember Extinction Rebellion protesting in Dublin not too many weeks ago?

They took over Merrion Square, and spent a whole week telling us that, unless we change the way we live and change it now, the earth and humanity, are doomed.

They were and are right, of course.

Right in what they say. But not in what they do.

Britain is heading for a General Election. We’ve just had four bye elections.

I know for sure there was no Extinction Rebellion candidates standing in our elections. And I have heard nothing of any XR (as they like to be known) candidates standing in the UK.

They will, of course, trot out the line suggesting that “democracy has failed.”

And yes, it’s true that from time to time and far too often we elect complete eejits, not just to office, but to high office. BoJo. Rees Mogg and so on.

(Due to our strict libel laws I’m afraid to name the eejits we’ve elected but we’ve done it too often so a comprehensive list might take up too much space.)

The reason we elect eejits is, that in many election, we don’t have much choice.

In my almost 50 years of voting, I have on many occasions given my first preference to the candidate I thought less of an eejit than the others, my number two to the one a bit more of an eejit than the first candidate but a bit less of an eejit than my number three and so on.

But if the XR people are right, and they are – and sure of it, why don’t they stand? Why don’t they get elected and bring about the changes they say we need and which we do actually need?

I don’t understand. Honestly I don’t.

Is it just lack of bottle?
Or are they afraid that getting elected would mean having to actually do something other than prance about Merrion Square eating tofu and quinoa and making life difficult for everyone else? 

Maybe one of them will explain.

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