Shock as prisoner tells court he was forced to use non-quilted toilet paper in prison

Mountjoy: Prisoners are not supplied with 4-ply quilted toilet paper

The government has been ordered to pay €25,000 compensation to a prisoner after he was forced to use non-quilted toilet paper.
Describing what happened as “outrageous” and “tantamount to a war crime” Mr Justice Fullofit said he also recommended that the state fund a decent holiday for Anto McGouger, when he is released in 2025, in order to aid his recovery.
McGouger is currently serving a 20 year sentence for the attempted murder of a prison officer and multiple frauds involving false compensation claims. 
He told the court that, after “doing his business” he was finding it difficult to wipe due to bruising on his arm, an injury suffered when he slipped on the toilet the previous day having accidentally urinated on the floor. The arm injury is the subject of a separate claim.
He asked prison officer Michael Magoo, who was not in court as he is still in hospital recovering from injuries suffered in an assault by a prisoner whose name the judge ordered not to be published, to provide him with quilted toilet paper which, he said, would be easier to use.
But in a statement read on his behalf the officer said that McGouger threatened to “flush him down the f**king jacks” if he didn’t get him 4-ply quilted paper with balsam. 
He said McGouger was shouting about wanting quilted toilet paper and Netflix though it wasn’t clear if there was a connection between the two.
Initially McGouger went on an in-between-meals hunger strike before taking the current action. 
Mr Justice Fullofit made the award, awarded costs to McGouger and offered the prisoner his sympathy.

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  1. gerryfloyd

    Satire or prediction


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