Sick and old and probably stupid too. But Life hasn’t killed me yet!

Warren Zevon. One of the greats and he kind of nailed it with the Life’ll Kill Ya album

“Don’t let us get sick
Don’t let us get old
Don’t let us get stupid, all right?”

That’s what the great Warren Zevon said in his song Don’t Let Us Get Sick from the extraordinary Life’ll Kill Ya album.

Well, I did get sick.

And I did get old.

And there are lots of people out there who think I got stupid too – or maybe I was stupid all along.

But life hasn’t killed me yet.

I haven’t blogged for a few days.

And it’s because I’m sick and because I’m old.

They get me down sometimes. sickness and mortality both.

I know how extraordinarily lucky I am.

I have one doctor (actually, I have nine, but this is one in particular) who occasionally greets me with the words: Ah, the man who defies medical science.

Because he can’t believe I’m still alive.

In fact, several of my doctors can’t believe I’m still alive to the extent that I sometimes wonder if I am or not!!

On top of all the other things wrong with me, I was recently told I have “aspiration.” 

That’s not like “yer man has aspirations.”

It’s a condition which means that, occasionally, when you swallow liquids, some go into your lung instead of your stomach. And infection can make the trip with them.

I was disappointed to hear it was what I have.

Because I already had an “A”. Atrial Fibrillation.

I have a B and a C and a D – actually, I have something for every letter all the way to N – with the exception of J. But I’m sure Jaundice will strike eventually.

Generally, I try to just get on with it.

And whether or not it was my recent 11 night stay in hospital that got me down or whether it’s just the tediousness of being sick, I don’t know. Certainly missing three gigs – Mik Pyro, Divine Comedy and Two Door Cinema Club – didn’t improve my mood.

But I’ll get over it.

I’m only writing this so that those who read my blog will know why I haven’t done anything for a few days.

I didn’t want either of you to be worried!

And by the way, Warren Zevon finishes that particular chorus with these words:

“Just make us be brave,

And make us play nice,

And let us be together tonight.”

And that will do me.

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